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Compliance Outcomes : Sanctions and Prosecutions

Where compliance is not achieved and a breach of legislation has been identified, there are a number of different enforcement actions that may be applied, depending on the severity of the offence. Verbal Warnings, Advisory Letters and Official Warning Letters may be issued for less serious offences, whereas more serious fisheries offences may result in Cautions, Financial Administrative Penalties* (FAPs) and Prosecutions. For more detail see the Compliance and Enforcement Framework.

*Since 6th April 2011, IFCAs have had the option to issue a Financial Administrative Penalty (FAP) as an alternative to a criminal prosecution. The Authority may consider issuing a FAP based on a number of factors, and where the offence may be classed as a ‘penalty offence’. See the full guidance here: Southern IFCA FAP Guidance.

Recent enforcement outcomes of fisheries offences in the Southern IFCA district include:

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Compliance Outcomes : Compliance Statistics

Between April 2019 and March 2020, Southern IFCA carried out a total of 88 vessel patrols at sea and 129 shore patrols on land. During the 88 patrols at sea, a total of 223 vessel boardings were carried out, for the purpose of conducting inspections. A total of 292 landing inspections and 54 premises inspections were carried out during the 129 shore patrols.

In the cases of minor breaches of legislation, a total of 46 verbal warning or advisory letters were issued. However, for more serious breaches of legislation, a total of 29 case files were generated. Of these case files, 12 resulted in written warnings being issued, 3 cases resulted in FAPs (Financial Administrative Penalties) being offered, and 3 cases resulted in prosecution.

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