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Southern IFCA are responsible for fishing activities surrounding Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and are always happy to answer general enquiries regarding fishing in this area. If you live outside of this area please visit the Association of IFCAs website where you will find your local IFCA who you should contact for relevant information. 

If you are enquiring to learn about Minimum Fish Sizes please check our Minimum Sizes page where your question may be answered. 

If you have a question regarding permits, fishing regulations, catch returns, consultations or the sale of local fish please visit our Frequently Asked Questions where you may find the answer.

If the FAQs do not help you please contact us using the form on this page, or the details below.

Reporting suspicious fishing activity

If you would like to report suspicious fishing activity please see Question 3 of our Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding when and who to report to.

If you have seen suspicious fishing activity and would like to report it to the Southern IFCA please try to include the following information in your report:

  1. What activity is occurring;
  2. Where is the activity taking place;
  3. When is the activity happening;
  4. Who is conducting the activity;
  5. How are they carrying out the activity; and
  6. Why are they carrying out the activity?

Contact details

You may contact the Southern IFCA using the form on this page, or using the details below:

You can also email us at

You can call us on 01202 721373

Unit 3 Holes Bay Park
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BH15 2AA

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