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Bottom Towed Fishing Gear Consultation - 2022

Southern IFCA is consulting on potential new closures for Bottom Towed Fishing Gear in the District.

Bottom towed fishing gears, or mobile demersal gears such as otter trawls or shellfish dredges, have been used by fishers for generations in the coastal waters of Dorset, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight.

These techniques have the potential to impact or adversely affect sensitive seabed habitats in certain areas. Therefore, it is important to consider how management of these activities can be improved, to support a healthy marine environment and sustainable fisheries, promoting positive economic and social benefits for coastal communities. The 2022 Bottom Towed Fishing Gear Consultation, considers amendments to the Southern IFCA 2016 Bottom Towed Fishing Gear Byelaw based on updated evidence, including Conservation Advice provided by Natural England.

To achieve Southern IFCA’s duties, new management is necessary following the designation of additional MCZs in the District; and to ensure habitats and species in other MPAs are protected according to the most up to date evidence. This consultation also considers new management to protect well-understood sensitive habitats and species that are found outside of MPAs.

Please find the full consultation document here.
**UPDATE 08.07.2022: Please be advised, proposed closure areas mapped on nautical charts can now be viewed here. Please view alongside the full consultation document.**

This informal consultation closed on the 1st of August. A summary of responses will be available on the Southern IFCA website at the earliest possibility.

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Next Steps

A ‘Summary of Responses’ for this consultation will be published on the Southern IFCA website. All received responses will be considered by the Authority ahead of the development of any future bottom towed fishing gear management for the district.

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