Review of Management Measures

Strategic Review of Fisheries - mapping the future of inshore management.

In order to strategically review existing regulatory measures and consider the need for additional management measures to support sustainable fishing activities in 2015/16, Southern IFCA undertook a review of management measures. This process involved three distinct stages.

The first stage was a public engagement stage; members of the Southern IFCA community were consulted on a series of key objectives and focus areas. A series of four public engagement events were held at locations throughout the Southern IFCA District. The meetings were well attended by in excess of 140 members of the public and a total of 53 written responses to the consultation were received.


The second stage of the Review of Management Measures process involved the evaluation of community feedback against the duties and objectives of the Authority. A plan was then developed and agreed to outline how and where the IFCA will prioritise future management. For the final stage the Authority developed a timeline for those management themes that have scored as a high or very high priority.


The following priorities were established:


  1. To implement a Poole Several Order COMPLETE [link see and].
  2. To implement Poole Harbour bivalve fishery management COMPLETE [link ].
  3. To manage fishing in the District’s MPAs effectively COMPLETE [link].
  4. To review near-shore netting & nursery areas. ONGOING which will commence public engagement stages in Autumn 2018. Details of progress reports maybe found here
  5. To review minimum legal sizes ONGOING which will commence following the nearshore netting review.
  6. To develop effective management in the whelk fishery ONGOING which is in evidence gathering phases .
  7. To overhaul the management of the Oyster fishery & Temporary fishery closure byelaws see [link to Oyster Management Plan and Clam Management Plan] ONGOING public engagement stage has commenced [see Useful Reports] and in Autumn 2018 for the development of regulation. 
  8. To develop a system of inshore vessel monitoring (iVMS) ONGOING which is part of a national partnership with Defra, MMO and IFCAs Defra are holding a consultation seeking views on introducing I-VMS for all UK licenced fishing boats under 12 metres that are fishing in English waters. This consultation is being held on and closes at 5pm on 14 November 2018.
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