Bass Fishing Guidance 2018

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has published guidance on bass fishing in 2018 for fishermen in England. Please click here to visit our News Page for more information and links to the guidance documents.


Important Information on New Fishing Byelaws - Please Read

20th November 2017

New management has been introduced for methods of bottom towed fishing gear within the coastal waters of Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight following the confirmation of two new Southern IFCA byelaws by the Secretary of State.

These are the Solent Dredge Fishing Byelaw and

the Bottom Towed Fishing Gear Byelaw 2016.

Please click here to visit our News page with more information and links to the full byelaws

All fishers who plan to use bottom towed fishing gear within the Southern IFC District should be familiar with these new regulations. Southern IFCA officers will be working with the community throughout the district to ensure fishers are familiar with these new regulations and additional patrols will be organised to monitor compliance. Both byelaws are now in place and the measures will be enforced by Southern IFCA.

Important Information Regarding the Solent Oyster Fishery 

issued 09/10/17

Please click here to view the letter developed by the Southern IFCA to provide information regarding the regulations around the oyster fishery in the Solent for 2017/18.


Report Suspicious Behaviour at Sea: Project Kraken

The IFCA Vision

Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities will lead, champion and manage a sustainable marine environment and inshore fisheries, by successfully securing the right balance between social, environmental and economic benefits to ensure healthy seas, sustainable fisheries and a viable industry.

Who We Are

Southern IFCA covers the inshore waters of Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight out to 6 nautical miles. We work both on land and at sea to balance sustainable fisheries with a sustainable environment.


The District contains a diverse range of habitats and species within European Marine Sites and Marine Conservation Zones and our evidence collection ranges from impact surveys to habitat mapping and underwater video footage.


Land and sea patrols monitor compliance with EU, national and local fisheries legislation and officers' conduct landing inspections and inspections at sea, as well as premises checks, often in close liaison with partner agencies


Southern IFCA aim to be seen and heard by routinely engaging with stakeholders, local organisations and the wider public through open meetings, lectures, presentations and attendance at local open days.
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